Bill Stermer

Motorcycling: For The Executive Rider – Newsmakers

Wind-chapped cheeks and the occasional skinned knee only enhance the essence of motorcycling. It is the state of being one with the elements that invokes our passion for the pastime. Even better, the machines we ride today—and the best of those from past eras—boast aesthetic and technological wizardry that heighten the two-wheeled experience. ENJOY THE […]

Motorcycles: British Bike Invasion

In the mid-1990S, Bernard Li, the founder of Eagle One automotive care products, had sold his company to Valvoline and was working on his newest venture: reviving a legendary motorcycle. In 1998, however, that dream was nearly shattered. The 56-year-old Li, who owned a Yamaha dealership when he was in his 20s, was planning to […]

Motorcycles: Hail to the Chief

At first, Carl Dietz didn’t notice his pursuer. Dietz had recently purchased a 2002 Indian Chief, the first all-Indian cruiser in 50 years, and was breaking it in around his neighborhood in the Chicago suburbs. He leaned into each corner, carefully downshifted at each stop sign, and shifted through the gears on the longer streets. […]