Travel: Building the Perfect Vacation

The accidental traveler is fast becoming extinct. For many, leisure time has become too scarce and too precious to spend it wandering about the world in the hope of happening upon a life-affirming or life-altering experience. Instead, you board a plane with a specific goal, whether it is to indulge in a spa’s pampering, partake […]

Travel: Foreign Furniture Affairs

Several years ago, New York architect and interior designer Carlos Aparicio, accompanied by one of his clients, visited a Paris furniture gallery, where they saw the hanging fixture of the client’s dreams. It was a large bronze piece with the shapes of shells molded into the body. “He loved it,” Aparicio says of his client. […]

Best of the Best 2002: Travel: Best Destinations: Antarctica

The thrill and wonder of exploring Antarctica is something even the most jaded traveler would have trouble scoffing at. Regardless of the endless number of frequent flier miles you’ve accrued, or the number of destinations you’ve visited, you’ll find this 5.5 million-square-mile continent of ice a magical domain of pure wilderness and spectacular beauty. The […]

Best of the Best 2002: Travel: Best Destinations: The Maldives

The Maldives, a chain of low-lying, palm-fringed islands and atolls scattered across the equator in the Indian Ocean, is the ultimate locale for an aquatic escape. With crystal-clear lagoons, white powdery sand beaches, and pristine coral reefs, the Maldives are a mecca for sailing, surfing, snorkeling, and diving. Deep-sea fishing is another large draw, but […]

Travel: Best of the Best Destinations: New York City

It didn’t take long after the September 11 attacks for New York City to pull out all the stops and regain its glamour. To paraphrase Henry James, it is still an extraordinary growing, glowing, glittering, good-natured, cosmopolitan place. Not to mention that New York, with its decidedly “been there, done that” air, continuously reinvents itself […]

Travel: Best of the Best Hotels: Hôtel Plaza Athénée

Ever since its opening in 1911, the Hôtel Plaza Athénée has been considered the epitome of understated elegance. Now, after a hugely successful renovation, the hotel fairly glitters. All the guest rooms and suites have been spruced up with new velvets, damasks, and silks. Many have terraces and offer views of the Eiffel Tower or […]

Best of the Best Airlines: British Airways Concorde

As any frequent traveler knows, there’s not much glamour left in flying. But you can find both speed and style when you fly British Airways Concorde. The flights resumed last November following a 15-month hiatus to determine the cause of the August 2000 Concorde accident and to implement changes. Now, after intensive safety inspections and […]

Best of the Best 2002: Travel: Best Airlines

Gourmet to Go It may strike you as odd, but there are travelers who choose to fly Cathay Pacific Airways simply for the dim sum breakfast, on par with the dim sum served in Hong Kong’s best restaurants. Equally popular is the airline’s signature dessert, a double-milk custard laced with ginger, which wins praise from […]

Best of the Best 2002: Travel: Best Hotels

Scene to be Seen It comes as no surprise that Switzerland’s Riffelalp Resort 2222m, the highest Alpine resort in Europe, has extraordinary scenic views. More remarkable, however, is that with a one-touch remote control you can raise your guest room curtains without budging from your bed and watch the sun rise over the Matterhorn, the […]

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