Connoisseur’s Guide to Home Theater Systems

Most of today’s advanced home theater systems are designed and built by custom electronics installation firms. Such a firm can, if asked, provide a turnkey home theater with little involvement on the homeowner’s part. However, great home theaters are usually the result of close collaboration between the custom installation firm and the client. The budding […]

Sound from the Sun

The Regen ReVerb may be the only iPod speaker system that can play at party levels without consuming a penny’s worth of electricity. A photovoltaic panel on the back of the $2,299 ReVerb charges the internal lithium-ion battery, which according to Regen can power the ReVerb for as long as 12 hours. An integral dock […]

An Upgrade in Amplifiers

Audiophiles who crave the classic sound of vacuum-tube amplifiers must usually sacrifice the power and precision that transistor amplifiers provide. Greek manufacturer Ypsilon Electronics created the Aelius to bridge this performance gap. The input circuitry of the Aelius uses tubes, while the output circuitry uses transistors. The result is an amplifier that delivers the sweet, […]

Perpetual Projector

Video projection is going through a revolution this year, thanks to a new breed of projectors that produce a superior picture while demanding nearly zero maintenance. These projectors use red, green, and blue LEDs in place of the UHP mercury lamp found in most other projectors. While UHP lamps usually expire after about 2,000 hours, […]

Customizable TVs for the Bath and Beyond

Whether your bathroom is elegant or over the top, the Séura Hydra waterproof TV can be styled to suit the surroundings. Séura offers the 19-inch TV in any color you like: The TV’s finish can be matched to Pantone colors, so it can duplicate the hues of your tiles, bathtub, or even towels. The rugged […]

Precious Little Speakers

Six years ago, speaker manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins upgraded top models in its famed 800 Series with tweeters made from solid diamond, grown in a laboratory to form a dome shape. The diamond tweeters’ clear sound and low distortion delighted audiophiles, but fans of the company’s smaller speakers felt left out. Now B&W has revised […]

Marantz Delux Disc

Only a few audio-video companies have braved the challenge of making a high-end Blu-ray Disc player. Marantz’s UD-9004 strikes us as one of the most elegant and accomplished of this rare breed. The UD-9004 plays Blu-ray Discs, DVDs, Super Audio CDs (SACD), DVD-Audio, and CDs, all with exceptional audio and video fidelity. The player’s audio […]

A Headphone Homage

Monster Cable’s line of metal-bodied Turbine and Turbine Pro in-ear headphones have become a favorite of musicians, record producers, and audio engineers, so it is only fitting that the company’s finest headphones be named after one of the 20th-century’s greatest musical artists. The $499 Miles Davis Tribute in-ear headphones incorporate resonance-free metal bodies surrounding high-quality […]

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