Small-Scale Surround-Sound Packs Power

Compact home theater speaker systems suffer a dismal reputation for sound quality, but excellence can hardly be expected from inexpensive plastic boxes. Still, there are many who would enjoy a competent, compact, and stylish surround-sound system, and it is for them that Danish speaker manufacturer DALI created the Fazon Sat. The Fazon Sat’s curvaceous cast- […]

Serious Speakers

In the last three years, Magico has emerged as one of the high-end audio industry’s premier speaker brands. While all of the company’s products combine elegant industrial design and impeccable engineering, the Q5 is certain to overshadow them all. The enclosure of this $54,000-per-pair tower is assembled from more than 50 individual parts machined out […]

Light Entertainment

Wolf Cinema builds video projectors exclusively for high-end custom home theaters. The $85,000 DCX-1000i occupies the middle position in the company’s line of three projectors. Its 1,000-watt xenon lamp emits about five times as much light as the bulb in a typical home theater projector. This prodigious output allows the DCX-1000i to be used on […]

High-Tech Media Storage

Many people have grown accustomed to storing all of their media—music, movies, etc.—on computers. But computers hardly have a reputation for user-friendliness. The new Sunfire Theater Grand Media System provides the benefits of computer-based storage without the complexities. Load CDs and DVDs into the TGM’s front slot, and the system automatically transfers the contents to […]

Tiny Amplifier Delivers Smooth Sound

Firestone Audio conceived the Little Country III for private communing with your favorite music. This tiny amplifier is designed specifically for use with headphones. Connect it to a CD player or an iPod, hook up your favorite set of ’phones, and you have perhaps the simplest high-end audio system one can assemble. Vacuum-tube amplification assures […]

Sub Equalizer Gives New Sound to Bass

When properly installed and adjusted, subwoofers—speakers designed solely for the reproduction of bass—make home theater dramatically more exciting. Unfortunately, getting the best sound from a subwoofer is a task at which even experts often fail, because the acoustics of a room have a much greater effect on bass than they do on mid-range and treble. […]

Audio Automation via Apple

One of the most powerful audio remote controls ever created may well be resting in your pocket right now. With its RNET Touchpoint user interface, Russound now gives Apple iPhones complete control over its extensive line of multiroom audio systems. Simply tap the Russound icon that appears on the iPhone’s home screen to gain access […]

Half-Hidden Speakers

Most on-wall speakers were designed to complement TVs measuring about four inches thick. Next to today’s one-inch-thick sets, though, the same speakers seem positively portly. The physics of audio make it quite difficult to design a high-quality, one-inch-thick speaker, but Canadian speaker maker Paradigm has a solution: the Millenia 20 Hybrid, a speaker that mounts […]

Elevating Everyday Sound

Many experts consider the Super Audio CD format to be the finest audio technology yet created. Esoteric Audio’s SA-50 not only plays SACDs, it also upconverts sound from ordinary CDs into the high-resolution Direct Stream Digital format used by SACD. Those with extensive collections of CDs will rejoice to hear their cherished old discs approach […]

Upon Reflection

Flat-panel TVs can hide in credenzas, in ceilings, under beds … and behind mirrors. The Pantel Mirror TV functions as a mirror when it is turned off, but when the power goes on a TV image appears. The Mirror TV is completely waterproof, so it can be used safely in a bathroom without worry that […]

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