Sport: Fowl Play

My lesson with Lars Magnusson seems to be paying off. The 36-year-old founder of Wyoming-based driven-shooting outfitter Blixt & Company has just walked me through the weight-forward, upright-stance, gun-to-cheek position that proper clay and wing shooting demands. Now, just 15 minutes later, I shatter the first four black clay disks that come into my range. […]

Sport: Over the Rainbows

To avoid snagging the cottonwood behind us, Todd Curell, a fly-fishing guide at Three Forks Ranch on the Colorado–Wyoming border, suggests that I face downstream, shoot my forward cast above the narrow river, and then settle my back cast onto the surface of the deep pool. Curell has taught me more about fly-fishing in one […]

North American Adventures: Marsh Madness

A boat engine roars, prompting thousands of birds to take flight. Their retreating formation darkens the morning sky above a lagoon where 10 hunters, outfitted in camouflage and khaki, are boarding three airboats. The boats’ captains, flanked by wader-clad guides, pull away from the marsh’s banks and speed toward a seemingly impenetrable wall of reeds […]

Sport: Purebred Sledding

Rough start, I think, as my sled—pulled by eight yapping Siberian huskies that suddenly have become a blur of tangled harnesses and black and white fur—skids out of control across a frozen driveway. Per instructions, I had begun the ride with one boot firmly planted on the drag mat, a device designed to slow forward […]

Chartered Territories: On the Fly

Atop a nameless mountain in western British Columbia, surrounded by a cloud and struggling to keep my balance in knee-deep snow, I inspect my transceiver while our heli-skiing guide demonstrates how to probe for bodies in the event of an avalanche. Just minutes ago, helicopters lifted our group of 10 skiers and three guides from […]

Sport: Tranquillity Base

After 19 hours of riding in a truck, a shuttle, an Air Canada airbus, a prop plane, a van, and a floatplane, I finally arrived at King Pacific Lodge, a floating paradise in British Columbia’s Barnard Harbour. Having traveled from Los Angeles to Vancouver to Prince Rupert, then another 56 miles south to the lodge, […]