Chris Dorsey

Sport: Top Notch

It is difficult to remain focused when staying at New Zealand’s Treetops Lodge and Estate. As much as I wanted to catch trout, distractions such as a helicopter ride to White Island, an active volcano only 50 minutes by chopper from the Treetops helipad, were constantly competing for my time. A horseback journey through the […]

Sport: Horse Feathers

For most travelers, the South Dakota prairie is a place to pass through or over on the way to somewhere else. Bob Tinker would not want it any other way. The fortysomething bird hunting outfitter, with a Stetson that is as much a fixture on his head as the handlebar mustache is over his lip, […]

Sport: Bone to Be Wild

There are two kinds of fly-fishing, a saltwater guide once told me: bonefishing and everything else. The torpedo-shaped speedsters known as bonefish are renowned for reel-searing runs that can leave the uninitiated breathless. So impressive is their initial burst of power that bones have developed a following of adrenaline junkies who venture as far as […]

Sport: A Royal Flush

While Scots celebrate their legendary toughness—manifest over the centuries by their kicking the Romans off their shores, rejecting English rule, and relishing their proclivity for haggis—truth be told, they would rather be fishing or shooting (game, that is, not Englishmen). When it comes to their love affair with angling, no stream is more romanced than […]