Cynthia Rosenfeld

Village People

Two designers debut one-of-a-kind private resort communities in Bali. One is a famed Frenchman, the other an accomplished designer and the daughter of the jewelry-brand owner John Hardy. Each is creating a private community in Bali, where topographical extremes—breezy beaches and jungle-covered mountains—provide two distinct backdrops for their two distinct visions of life on the Indonesian […]

High Time for Sri Lanka

The GippsAero GA8 Airvan floats nimbly through the clouds, sweeping over the paddies and craggy mountains of the Sri Lankan countryside. Traveling north from the island nation’s seaside metropolis of Colombo to its famed Cultural Triangle, the aircraft soars past Adam’s Peak—a jagged, cone-shaped mountain whose footprint-like indentations have for centuries prompted holy pilgrimages—then veers […]

Sport: Kick Starter

“Jab, kick, jab, kick!” Khun Bee commands as I hurl my limbs awkwardly at the muay Thai master’s sparring pad. Bee, who runs the new martial-arts training program at the Siam hotel in Bangkok, has been polishing what he calls my “eight weapons”—elbows, fists, knees, and shins—all morning. My weapons do not get as much […]

Sport: On the Fly

When you know where to look, the intricate maze of reefs and atolls in the Maldives—a nation of 1,190 low-lying islands off the southwest coast of India—can reveal what every surfer is in search of: the perfect wave. Today, however, Jack Chisholm will settle for any waves at all. Chisholm, a guide with Australian surfing […]

Best of the Best 2008: Hotels

Visitors arrive at the Peninsula Tokyo (+81.3.6270.2888, in green Rolls-Royce Phantoms, the Hong Kong–based hotel group’s signature cars. Managers then usher their guests into the hotel’s cavernous lobby, where Japanese businessmen from the neighboring Marunouchi financial district and women in high heels drink cocktails beneath a transfixing concave light fixture that sparkles with 1,313 […]