Deedra Allison

Smoke: The Piano Man’s Legacy

Erudite, urbane, and nattily attired, Avo Uvezian is the consummate cigar smoker. Or more precisely, he represents the romanticized version of the cigar smoker. A performer nearly all of his 78 years, Uvezian, the creator and spirit of Avo cigars, understands how to play a role and how to cultivate an image: His eight white […]

Smoke: Fresh Air

Helmut Bührle espouses some radical ideas. Contrary to almost every tobacconist and connoisseur in the United States, this German businessman believes that storing cigars in an airtight humidor is as ill-advised as leaving them on a bureau. “If the humidor or the cigar case is as airtight as a diving bell, the cigar lacks oxygen to […]

Smoke: Small Wonders

Unless a restaurant is especially busy, most chefs are willing to accommodate a patron’s special request. One dish, however, is often craved but seldom provided: an ashtray. As he steps outside a London restaurant on a blustery night to light a Partagas Serie D, Italian importer Enzo Natali says he is becoming accustomed to the proliferating […]

Smoke: Camacho Comes on Strong

When Julio Eiroa and his son christian reach for a smoke, rest assured that they will select a strong cigar. Both seasoned aficionados—the forces behind Caribe Imported Cigars, a vertical operation based in Miami that grows its own tobacco and produces and distributes 13 million cigars a year—crave the powerful taste reminiscent of the Cuban […]

Personal Technology: The Sound and the Ferrari

Jim Bolton knows every inch of unused space in a Ferrari. “Some of the tighter cars are Ferraris,” says Bolton, the owner of Performance Sound & Security, a car audio aftermarket specialist near San Jose, Calif. “There’s barely room for a coat or a small bag.” He should know. Bolton has designed and installed some […]

Leisure: Rare Finds

Long after the age of Al Capone and the speakeasy, when well-heeled imbibers would pony up for cheap bathtub gin served in teacups, the very best spirits continue to elude the worthy seeker who does not know where to look. Procuring vintage cigars proves an even more trying task. Following is a short list of […]

Home Electronics: On the Plus Side

Finally, this magazine has a reason to add some T+A to its pages. The German company, which, it should be noted, pronounces its name T plus A (an abbreviation for Theory plus Application), had been building speakers, amplifiers, preamplifiers, and digital components exclusively for Europeans since 1978. Now it has entered the U.S. market with […]

Preserving Your Family’s Wealth: Discontented Beneficiaries

Victor Rommely and his siblings, fourth-generation members of a successful family, are the beneficiaries of an irrevocable trust established in 1920 by their great-grandfather. The trust instrument provides that all income (interest from fixed-income securities and dividends from equity-type securities) be distributed equally among the current beneficiaries, and that a portion of the trust principal […]

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