FrontRunners: Hi-Fi and Hideaways

Adele Cygelman, Robb Report’s home and design editor and editor of The Robb Report Collection, along with photographer Erica Lennard, reveals some of Los Angeles’ most intimate green spaces in Secret Gardens of Hollywood and Private Oases in Los Angeles (Universe Books, an imprint of Rizzoli New York, 2003), a hardcover book published in September. […]

Home Electronics: On the Plus Side

Finally, this magazine has a reason to add some T+A to its pages. The German company, which, it should be noted, pronounces its name T plus A (an abbreviation for Theory plus Application), had been building speakers, amplifiers, preamplifiers, and digital components exclusively for Europeans since 1978. Now it has entered the U.S. market with […]

Leisure: Rare Finds

Long after the age of Al Capone and the speakeasy, when well-heeled imbibers would pony up for cheap bathtub gin served in teacups, the very best spirits continue to elude the worthy seeker who does not know where to look. Procuring vintage cigars proves an even more trying task. Following is a short list of […]

FrontRunners: Monumental Achievement

Giuseppe Zingali’s ( choice of the name Colosseum for his diminutive 5.1-channel system is not as ironic as it seems. The Roman manufacturer’s nod to his city’s most recognizable monument refers to the range’s ability to offer stadium-grade scale from what could be mistaken as a scale model of a hi-fi system—the lineup includes a […]

Preserving Your Family’s Wealth: Discontented Beneficiaries

Victor Rommely and his siblings, fourth-generation members of a successful family, are the beneficiaries of an irrevocable trust established in 1920 by their great-grandfather. The trust instrument provides that all income (interest from fixed-income securities and dividends from equity-type securities) be distributed equally among the current beneficiaries, and that a portion of the trust principal […]

Preserving Your Family’s Wealth: Retired Executive

The majority of Ed Meyer’s $350 million net worth comprises commercial real estate ($195 million). The Meyers’ remaining net worth comprises stock in the family’s Meyer Oil Co. ($91 million), cash and a diversified portfolio of marketable securities ($28 million), three personal residences ($26 million), and an art collection ($10 million). Meyer, age 64, would […]

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