Vision Loss in the Elderly

Visual changes occur with aging. Some changes lead to significant visual impairment in elderly persons that affects their ability to perform daily functions. This functional decline, in turn, results in decreased independence and increased risk for falls, fractures and depression. Since symptoms may be insidious and slowly progressive, early diagnosis and treatment are vital to […]

Making Homes Safer for Seniors

Falls are common among the elderly and broken hips from falls are a leading cause of death or significant functional decline in adults over age 65. As we age, health problems and the accompanying medications used to treat them tend to increase our fall risk. Making homes more fall-proof is critical to enabling older adults […]

Keeping Cool When the Heat is On

Elderly people are at highest risk for heat-related illnesses. Chronic medical conditions and physical changes that occur with aging make it more difficult for their bodies to cool in very hot weather. Some contributing factors may include obesity, dehydration, heart disease, side effects from prescription medications, poor circulation, mental illness and alcohol use. Additionally, humid […]

Some Hope for Senior Blues

Depression in the elderly is a much more common and widespread problem than many people realize. It is often undertreated or not addressed at all, even though depression can significantly affect an older person’s quality of life if not properly managed. Detecting depression among seniors can be difficult as the presenting symptoms can also be […]