Dr. Sonja Rosen

Ten Tips for a Healthier You

Here are 10 resolutions for better health at any age: Eat a well-balanced diet low in saturated fats. A Mediterranean, heart-healthy diet rich in olive or canola oil, fresh fish, lean meats, red wine (in moderation), whole grains, walnuts and fruits and vegetables helps decrease bad cholesterol and your risk of developing heart disease or […]

Dispelling Breast Cancer Myths

October is “National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.” This is a health concern that I feel particularly passionate about because it hits close to home. My mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer during her routine annual mammogram a few years ago. Her breast cancer was detected and removed, and she underwent a few weeks of radiation […]

Take This Message to Heart

February is “American Heart Month,” along with the month we celebrate Valentine’s’ Day, so it’s a good time to focus on heart health. Heart disease is still the leading cause of death in Americans, but we can decrease its incidence with a healthy lifestyle and diet. Here are seven recommendations from the American Heart Association […]