Best of the Best 2004: Airlines

Cathay Pacific Airways The acclaimed airline returns to its routes.   Legend has it that American entrepreneur Roy Farrell and a group of foreign correspondents, doubtless inspired by Marco Polo’s 13th-century adventures in the land he called Cathay and we now know as China, cooked up the name Cathay Pacific in a bar somewhere in […]

Exclusive Hideaways: Ranthambhore Royalty

Like the maharajas of yore seated atop the weathered gray hides of their stately elephant transports, guests at Aman-i-Khás in Rajasthan, India, depart in custom open-top jeeps in search of the elusive tiger. The morning sun rises over the scrub forest as the expectant explorers, sipping hot chocolate in the backseat, prepare for their encounter […]

FrontRunners: About Face

Chocolate croissant bread pudding is Olga Lorencin-Northrup’s secret to healthy skin. “Beauty always starts from the inside out,” explains the cofounder of Kinara Spa (310.657.9188, http://www.kinaraspa.com), “so sound nutrition comes first.” And at Kinara, nutrition begins with the owner’s favorite dessert topped with Tahitian vanilla bean custard sauce. The full-service spa on Los Angeles’ trendy […]

FrontRunners: Traveling Light

Increased security at airports has added to the woes of public air travel. LuggageFree (800.361.6871, http://www.luggagefree.com) aims to reduce the inconvenience of flying by picking up your bags from your home or office and delivering them directly to your hotel. At the end of your trip, the com­pany simply ships your bags back home. LuggageFree […]

FrontRunners: El Circo

Mexico City may seem like an unlikely place for the ringmaster of Le Cirque to stage the follow-up to his thriving Man– hattan and Las Vegas locations. However, Le Cirque founder Sirio Maccioni determined that Mexico’s metropolitan capital—far from the bustling energy of Madison Avenue and the garish lights of the Las Vegas strip—would be […]