Eric Hiss

Vacation Homes: To Protect and Preserve

The appeal of Chilean Patagonia lies largely in the region’s inaccessibility. Its untamed beauty—an arresting tableau of glacier-fed lakes, rolling pampas, and ultramarine skies—has endured at least in part because of its remoteness. Now a bold new initiative is making this pristine corner of South America more accessible to a lucky few homeowners while simultaneously […]

Spirits: Haute Sake

Sake has long been merged with sushi in the minds and mouths of diners. This centuries-old fermented beverage appears in seemingly endless variety on the menus of Japanese restaurants worldwide, and many brewers in Japan have ramped up production of sake to slake the growing global thirst. But at least one sake maker’s approach to […]

Sport: Get Up, Stand Up

As my one-man outrigger canoe capsized in the Bora-Bora lagoon, I remembered the first rule of Kainalu XT training: Respect the water. I had gone into the paddling session with the mind-set of an experienced kayaker—overconfident and in control, rather than attuned to the subtleties of an unfamiliar canoe in unknown waters. Even in the […]

Mezcal Rising

His Zapotec face as weathered as the creased cowboy hat that sits on his head, Faustino Garcia Vasquez silences the room with just a look. We stand in a structure made of adobe brick and corrugated metal that provides a cool shelter from the sun that beats down on the village of Chichicapa. Our group—composed […]

Robb Report Home: Boy’s Toy

“This is a yacht of extremes—127 meters, 200 million euros . . . a serious piece of kit,” counsels yacht broker Jamie Edmiston in a clipped English accent. (For those on this side of the pond, that translates to 416 feet and about $250 million.) Brits are renowned for keeping their emotions in check, but […]

Leisure: Rare Finds

Long after the age of Al Capone and the speakeasy, when well-heeled imbibers would pony up for cheap bathtub gin served in teacups, the very best spirits continue to elude the worthy seeker who does not know where to look. Procuring vintage cigars proves an even more trying task. Following is a short list of […]

Spirits: Sake Rising

Three may be sake’s lucky number. Americans who once considered sake just a warm sushi chaser are finding that premium sakes (usually served cold, by the way) can now be appreciated for their own sake, thanks to the emerging trend of sake flights. Borrowing from the tradition of wine flights, where three glasses of varietals […]

Spirits: Liquid Gold

The legend of the SS Politician certainly had all the makings of a movie: In wartime England, a British ship laden with a cargo of hard cash and Scotch whisky braves the Atlantic and U-boats to conduct the Empire’s business in colonial Jamaica. She never arrives at her destination, running aground on the remote Scottish […]