Private Preview 2014: High-End Voltage

The plug-in ELR coupe, which will arrive in showrooms in January and is based on the Converj concept from 2009, is Cadillac’s first electric model—and executives at Cadillac and General Motors have indicated that it will not be the flagship brand’s last one. They are considering adding a larger and more luxurious model as a […]

Autos: Flower Power

British-built lotus road cars have long been known for their light weight and nimble handling. The Evora, introduced in 2009 as the company’s first all-new production model since 1995, embodies both of these virtues. The recently launched Evora S has more of a third quality for which Lotuses are not renowned: power. Lotus has fastened […]

Best of Showstoppers

Earlier this summer, as the 61st annual Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance was approaching, we enlisted 20 automotive-design authorities to choose the most elegant cars ever made. The following pages feature the 10 models that received the most votes, along with background information about each car; the cars are arranged chronologically according to their initial release […]

Whittell Duesenberg at Gooding Pebble Beach Auction

One of Duesenberg Motors’ best customers was George Whittell Jr., a notorious San Francisco playboy who was heir to a fortune, ran with “questionable” women, raced his cars through city streets, and provided regular fodder for the tabloids. He was also an astute investor who sold $50 million in stock just before the market crashed […]