Personal Technology: Spellbinding

Equip your office or home with a computer created by VoodooPC, and some might regard it as evidence of a midlife crisis. With chassis painted in vibrant colors like Imola pearl orange or Laguna Seca blue and such visceral monikers as Fury and Envy, Voodoos are clearly intended for the video game–playing set. However, even […]

Family: Ethical Will Power

Bequeathing wealth and valuables to children is one matter, but conferring values is quite another challenge. Large sums of money and numerous assets in a family estate can easily obscure what many of the people who create wealth consider far more important: handing down their guiding principles, ideals, and beliefs. Such a problem faced the […]

Personal Technology: Seeing Stars

For anyone who has considered adding astronomy to his or her list of hobbies, now is as good a time as ever to take the first step. Late this summer, Mars will pass closer to Earth than at any time during the past 73,000 years, but even this rare event will not match the nightly […]

Wealth Management: It’s OK to Say No

Patricia Poitras does not feel guilty anymore. When charities approach her foundation for donations, she bases her response on two simple yes-or-no questions. If the answers are no, Poitras graciously declines the request without any pangs of remorse or second-guessing her conscience. She did not always follow this strategy, though. About 20 years ago, she […]

Home Electronics: Chip Off the Old Block

Home-Projector Technology continues to evolve, which is good news for consumers longing for improved performance and simplified installation and operation. It is especially welcome for home theater owners who prefer small, easy-to-operate DLP projectors rather than the larger, difficult-to-maintain CRTs. A number of compact front-projection units featuring the new HD2 processing chip have recently arrived […]

Wealth Management: The Family Business

Money does indeed change everything: Financial challenges mount exponentially as you add more digits to your bottom line. Investment portfolios. Trust funds. Endowments. Retirement plans. Tax planning. Estate management. The list of responsibilities is almost endless. Paper-work alone can bury even the most financially savvy family. Keep in mind, though, resources are called assets for […]

Home Electronics: Future Perfect

As soon as you have installed your home theater or audio system, it is time to think about updating it. The sad truth is that technology evolves at such a rapid clip that new equipment and functionality are available before you even learn how to use what you have. Meridian, a company that manufactures all-digital […]

Home Electronics: VHS Still on Deck

I realize that people tend to lose track of time as they get older, but has it really been that long since the introduction of DVD? It has only been a couple of years since the medium really took off, but the next advancement in home theater has already arrived, and it is significant enough to […]

Raising Good Kids

Affluenza is a dysfunctional relationship with money or wealth, or the pursuit of it. —The Affluenza Project Having grown up in a wealthy New England family, Barbara Blouin knows firsthand the luxuries an affluent lifestyle affords: a nice home, a family chauffeur, and the knowledge that money is not a concern. Although money was never […]

Home Entertainment: Waiting For HDTV

The progress of technology is driven by one very simple concept: Improve the experience. In much the same way that eight-track tapes gave way to cassettes, which gave way to compact discs, conventional television sets are yielding to a new breed of receivers showing pictures that are up to four times sharper than what you […]