Irene Lacher

Moving On

When Kate Edelman Johnson was growing up, she did not need 3-D glasses to make movie stars spring to life. Gary Cooper, Kirk Douglas, and Merle Oberon were just a few of the screen idols who worked with her father, Louis Edelman, a prolific producer of films and such television shows as Make Room for […]

Furnishings: An Architectural Frame

Furniture created by architects has a room of its own in the world of interiors. The pieces are designed to mesh with their environments, and the most notable examples stand the test of time: Furnishings by such virtuosos of modern architecture as Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier remain icons of 20th-century design. Now […]

Office Deluxe

Platinum equity’s exterior, what little there is of it, could not be more generic: an unassuming door in an office building in Century City, a commercial cluster of high-rises in West Los Angeles. But employees and visitors are buzzed into a different world, one that both embraces and challenges assumptions about what workplaces should look […]

The Social Life

Los Angeles designer Mel Lowrance is delighted when his touch cannot be detected in his work. “Somebody would really have to know my work to be able to say, ‘Mel Lowrance did this,’ ” he explains. “I rarely do what I call a stage set design. I ask clients what their lifestyle is and how […]