New Zealand’s Great Eight

Spectacular new courses throughout the country are calling attention to the long-overlooked golf destination. Whenever the British went, golf was sure to follow. New Zealand was no exception. Claimed by the British in 1788, the country today is second in the world in golf courses per capita. (Golf’s birthplace, Scotland, is No. 1.) Its rugged coasts […]

Front Runners October 2015: Exclusive Clubs

If you want to personalize your clubs beyond aftermarket shafts, grips, and tweaked lie angles, you can do so with the new limited-edition Sterling-England Sovereign Iron Series (sterling​-england.com). The irons, which are forged from high-grade carbon steel, feature cavity backs that can be customized with a precision-milled design, such as your family crest or the […]

Chipping Away

Japan’s high temples of golf are breaking down the barriers to entry for foreign golfers.  Sizing up a birdie putt on the ninth green of the East Course at Kasumigaseki Country Club, I had a realization: This could be one of the best rounds of my life. Kasumigaseki, which is located about 30 miles northwest of […]

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