Course of History

In Virginia’s hill country, a refined design from a revolutionary architect.  Considering the sport’s roots in the British Isles, golf might not have appealed to Thomas Jefferson. But if the third president of the United States were alive today, the farmer in him would certainly appreciate the game’s advanced agronomy. As an attorney, he would […]

A Winning Bet

David McLay Kidd has earned a reputation for building first-rate golf courses in out-of-the-way places. The architect’s designs—which include the original layout at Oregon’s Bandon Dunes, the ingenious Huntsman Springs in Idaho, Guacalito de la Isla in Nicaragua, and Machrihanish Dunes on the Kintyre peninsula of his native Scotland—may be a little difficult to reach, […]

Rising River

Wild and wonderful—and with a golf course to match—the Snake River Sporting Club strikes back. In Jackson Hole, Wyo., they sell the Wild West—big hats, stagecoach rides, mock gunfights in the town square. A 20-minute drive to the south, the Snake River Sporting Club embraces a milder, more natural Western lifestyle, with its lodge cabins […]

Golf: Dessert Golf

Arizona’s Enchantment Resort is a feast for the senses. Nestled in Boynton Canyon in Sedona—and surrounded by the Coconino National Forest and the area’s mystically beautiful red-rock formations—Enchantment lures everyone from adventurers to spiritualists with its outdoor activities (notably hiking and mountain biking), gourmet Southwestern dining, world-class spa, and proximity to what many believe are […]

Golf: Back from the Edge

It is safe to say there is nothing else like the Cliffs. The sprawling development of seven communities, each with its own golf course, is spread across 23,000 acres of mountains and lakes in the up-country of western North Carolina and South Carolina. However, like many resort communities, the development struggled in recent years, most […]

Masters of Modern Luxury: Greg Norman

Few athletes have made the transition from winning on the field to winning in the boardroom as smoothly as Greg Norman has. Since turning pro in 1976, Norman has captured 91 golf tournaments worldwide, including two British Opens. The 58-year-old Australian’s business ventures have built on his golf success—sportswear, course design—as well as his personal […]

Golf: Dialing for Distance

To golfers, the search for extra distance off the tee is a never-ending quest. Club manufacturers prey on this unquenchable desire for yardage, every few years tempting us with new technologies designed to add length and improve control. The club makers’ latest long-distance lure, the adjustable driver, actually debuted nearly a decade ago. But the […]

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