Motorcycles: Totally Radbusa

A turn of the key prompts the Radbusa to flaunt all of its flair: The digital display on the motorcycle’s dash flashes through its pre-ride diagnostics; the tank-mounted GPS indicates my location in the desert east of Los Angeles; and the exhaust expels the sweet scent of spent racing fuel, not the ordinary gasoline on which […]

Motorcycles: Retro Ride

With its new chief vintage, the Indian Motorcycle Corp. appears to have picked up right where it left off—in 1953, when the motorcycle maker went bankrupt. After a failed attempt to build bikes in 1998 using outsourced 88-cu-in S&S engines, Indian launched a successful comeback last year with its Scout, Spirit, and Chief lines, which […]

Motorcycles: Corner Carving Carnivore

In 1989, the Campagna T-Rex made a dubious debut. A driver took the three-wheeled machine for test laps around a Canadian racetrack, and 10 minutes into the ride, he ran the vehicle off the course and destroyed it. It seemed as if the T-Rex was on a fast path toward extinction. However, T-Rex inventor Daniel […]

Motorcycles: Harley’s 100th Hurrah

During a weekend-long celebration at Atlanta Motor Speedway last summer, Journey, Blues Traveler, and Tim McGraw were the featured musical acts. However, the pop stars were soon relegated to the roles of backup singers for the event’s lead vocalists: thousands of roaring Harley-Davidson V-Twins, crooning in chorus and puffing exhaust into the already steamy air. […]

Moving Machines: Chopper Power

If the notion of riding a 460-pound motorcycle powered by a turbine engine that lifts 10,000-pound helicopters seems implausible, ask Jay Leno what it’s like; he’s one of the few riders who has experienced the sensation. “It feels like the hand of God is pushing you,” Leno says. Leno owns a Marine Turbine Technologies’ Y2K […]

Motorcycles: Desert Delight

At first, the mileage and route seemed daunting. The Internet BMW Riders list (www.ibmwr.org), a worldwide consortium of BMW motorcycle owners, had planned a ride through Death Valley for January that I wanted to attend. But I live 3,000 miles away in Florida, and I had never attempted a cross-country ride in the middle of […]