James Sturz

Sport: Lone Rangers

The kill happens suddenly with a pounce and a hare’s tail dangling from one of our dogs’ mouths. Our group sits on horseback in an open field, with the jagged peaks of the Andes rising all around us. Fifteen minutes ago, we were speeding across Lago Azul on a 420 hp jet boat, on water […]

Spas: Local Motion

The Hilot therapy at the Aman Spa at Amanpulo, a 40-villa private-island resort in the Philippines, begins in a hearty bath of guava, calamondin leaves, ginger slices, and lemongrass. Bathers submerge up to their necks and marinate for 20 minutes, then follow their soak with a deep-tissue massage designed to flush out toxins from the […]

Sport: Aman Overboard

Komodo National Park in Indonesia is considered a holy grail of scuba diving, not only for its more than 1,000 species of exotic fish, but also for its relative inaccessibility. Located some 200 miles east of Bali, the 450,000-acre park—which is nearly 70 percent ocean—encompasses volcanic islands, isolated beaches, and pristine coral reefs, but not […]

Via Flaminia

Surrounded by olive trees and grapevines at the open-air trattoria in Vetralla, 40 miles north of Rome, we had eaten Lallo Piergentili’s aged cheeses, cured meats, and pappardelle with wild boar. Now he walked with us from his restaurant to the parking lot, carrying a tin of his own olive oil. “This is a gift,” […]