Aircraft: Mustang Mojo

With its Citation Mustang, Cessna will offer business fliers one more reason to join the jet set. Like the other leading light jets—the Sino Swearingen SJ30-2 and the yet-to-be-completed Eclipse 500 and Safire S-26—the Mustang, scheduled for delivery at the end of 2006, travels faster, longer, and higher than any cabin-class turboprop or multipiston aircraft, […]

The Best of the Best 2003: Personal Aircraft – Cirrus SR22

The single finest feature on the $289,400 Cirrus SR22 is one that Cirrus Design hopes its owners will never have to employ. The four-seat plane is equipped with the unique Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS), which, as its name indicates, houses a parachute for the aircraft itself. Cirrus encourages its owners to use CAPS in […]

The Best of the Best 2003: Helicopters – Sikorsky S-76C+

With the S-76C+, its most current version of the S-76, Sikorsky remains at the forefront of the increasingly competitive executive transport segment of the helicopter market. The S-76C+ features powerful engines and updated avionics while retaining the characteristics that have made the base S-76 so popular: size, speed, range, and a smooth, quiet ride. “We […]

Aircraft: NXT Generation

To reach this year’s National Championship Air Races at Stead Field in Reno, Nev., Jon Sharp, accompanied by his wife, Patricia, flew the 450 miles from his office in Mojave, Calif., in his Nemesis NXT, a sleek, white monoplane. Three days later, he piloted that same plane to a third-place finish in a field of […]