Best of the Best 2012: Audio: Constellation Audio Reference Series

In 2008, Australia-based financiers and audiophiles Murali Murugasu and David Payes brought together a dream team of designers and engineers to create a new standard for audio componentry. Last summer, with the unveiling of the Sirius high-definition digital music source and multiformat player, the final addition to the Constellation Audio Reference Series (805.201.2610, http://www.constellationaudio.com), the […]

Home Electronics: Just Add Music

Like most audiophiles, Angel Guadalajara has always had a love of live music. But as an electronics and acoustic engineer, he has also been obsessed with faithfully reproducing the experience at home, an obsession that the Spaniard passed down to his son and business partner, Javier. “My father has a very deep passion to feel […]

Constellation Audio Scales New Heights

Arriving on the heels of Constellation Audio’s $345,000 cost-is-no-object Reference system—which launched in stages last year and pushes the limits of high fidelity—comes the Southern California manufacturer’s more “modestly priced” Performance Series. By simplifying and automating its manufacturing and assembly processes, and using fewer exotic parts, Constellation succeeds in creating components whose sound retains much […]

Pass Labs Xs 300 Amplifiers Go All the Way

Fabled audio designer Nelson Pass, who founded Pass Laboratories in 1991, has taken another step forward in his quest for the purest and most natural sound possible from solid-state gear. Already feted for his amplifiers’ transparency, clarity, and sonic beauty, Pass sought an even more liquid sound with the same seductively captivating midrange and rounded, […]

Naim Introduces a Classy All-in-One Player

Naim Audio is clearly doing something right with its Uniti collection of all-in-one players. Two years ago, the company’s UnitiQute won an Innovations in Design and Engineering Award from the Consumer Electronics Association. For 2013, Naim’s new UnitiLite player has received another. Surprisingly slim for a unit that does so much, the UnitiLite comprises a […]

VTL’s New Amplification Reference

VTL (Vacuum Tube Logic), one of America’s most highly respected specialists in tube amplification, recently released its new flagship amplifier, the Siegfried Series II Reference monoblock. Outputting 750 watts of power into a 5-ohm load-in tetrode, and 375 watts in triode, each monoblock uses either 12 KT88 or 6550 power tubes—as chosen by the user […]

WideaLab’s Aurender S10 Music Server: Smooth and Easy

When it comes to easy operation, WideaLab’s handsome, one-piece Aurender S10 music storage and playback system is among the leaders in the field. This newcomer to the music server market supports playback of files in multiple formats, from low-quality MP3s up to high-resolution 24-bit/192 kHz files. The Aurender S10 cues tracks and assembles playlists via […]

Classé’s Multifunctional CP-800

Classé’s handsome CP-800 stereo preamp/processor follows a recent industry trend to combine preamp, high-resolution digital processing, and support for computer and Apple product interfaces in a single unit. Anyone with a stereo CD transport, conventional CD player, or DVD player with digital output  can take advantage of the CP-800’s superior digital processing capability. In addition, […]

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