Jeff Dorgay

Home Electronics: Ace Server

Audio enthusiasts in search of a single repository for their digital music collections encounter countless choices—and myriad headaches. Most of the available media servers lack audiophile-grade output capabilities, and they struggle to synchronize seamlessly with high-fidelity playback systems. Many are also impractical, if not illogical, in their functionality and ease of use. This summer, however, […]

Home Electronics: Digital Divine

Vinyl records have long been the gold standard of high-fidelity audio reproduction. With the recent arrival of DCS’s Vivaldi system, the digital age finally has an answer to the accuracy of analog. Founded in 1987 as a manufacturer of digital-signal converters for military and telecommunications applications, DCS started producing home-audio components in the mid-1990s, when […]

Personal Technology: Pixel Perfect

Leica has a loyal following among professional photographers, many of whom still cling to the German manufacturer’s film models. But the company’s newest flagship camera, the M9, finally and decisively settles the argument in favor of digital capture. The $6,995 M9, the current version of Leica’s M-series rangefinder camera, features a full-frame, 18-megapixel CCD image […]