Insider’s Las Vegas: Best Bets: Sparkle and Shine

When a Michelin three-star French chef and a venerable Champagne house collaborate, you would expect the result to be sublime. The recently opened Krug Room at Restaurant Guy Savoy in the Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel and Casino does not disappoint in its marriage of these Gallic classics. An evening at the Krug Room begins […]

Spirits: Drink Fresh

Beer, wine, spirits—you name it, Michael Sherwood can brew, ferment, or distill it. (He also knows how to clear a forest, catch salmon, and write computer code.) Sherwood, a 55-year-old former logger, fisherman, and software developer, was the founding executive director of the Oregon Brewers Guild in the 1990s. He now works in the cellar […]

Dining: Epicurean Epic

“When I Think of the most memorable times in our lives, it’s always centered on food and wine,” remarked Margrit Mondavi, as she welcomed guests to a preview dinner last fall of the inaugural Pebble Beach Food & Wine event to be held in March at the fabled California resort. Although the dinner at the Napa […]