Jennifer Hall

Selecting the Perfect Travel Consultant or Provider

If a couple or family had 15 days to travel anywhere in the world, where should they go and what should they do? Robb Report posed that question and many others to dozens of travel consultants and providers in order to choose “The Perfect 10”, a compilation of 10 ultimate itineraries that we featured in […]

Laucala Island, Fiji

At Fiji’s Laucala Island resort, the rest of the world can seem, well, unnecessary. After all, you have just about everything you need to lead the good life: shelter (in the form of 25 ocean-view villas), sustenance (from one of five restaurants, which use produce grown on the island), good company (resort managers Thomas and […]

Spas: Wet and a Little Wild

At the new Eau Spa at the Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach, you will find something called a MENu, which, instead of listing low-calorie appetizers and entrées, offers icebreakers—questions intended to promote conversation between you and fellow guests. “What is the best sports comeback of all time?” reads one entry. “If you were a superhero, what power […]

Ten Top Summer Getaways: Post Ranch Inn

Couples from Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, and Hong Kong gather around Post Ranch Inn’s resident astronomer, asking questions on a cold night in March. The sky is clear, and the Big Sur, Calif., resort’s 12-inch Mead tracking telescope is focused on Saturn. One woman puts her eye to the scope and jumps back […]

Travel: Floridian Flourish

As she hurries through pecky cypress–encased hallways at the Brazilian Court hotel, Leslie Schlesinger rattles off orders and queries to Leticia Bilotta: “Get that drape fixed!” “That cushion needs to be regraphed!” “Is it cold in here?” Bilotta, the hotel’s general manager, nods in agreement with Schlesinger, who owns the fabled property in Palm Beach, […]

The Robb Reader: David Copperfield

David Copperfield, who has been performing magic tricks since childhood, plans to put on 500 shows this year in Las Vegas and other locations around the world. When he is not on stage, the 52-year-old illusionist spends time at his four-story penthouse in New York, where he maintains a collection of antique coin-operated arcade machines. […]

Journeys: High and Dry

It has not rained in the Valle de la Luna for two years, and the dusty red landscape looks otherworldly as Rosa Ramos, a guide for the Awasi hotel in San Pedro de Atacama, leads me up a sandy incline for a view of the national park’s massive mineral sculptures, salt hills, and sand dunes. […]

Travel: Magic Isles

David Copperfield once spent $1 million restoring an antique Orient Express train car, just so he could make it disappear in front of a live audience. So the extent of his latest restoration—of 11 private islands that he acquired in 2006—comes as no surprise. “The whole point is to make it the best place in […]

Sport: Custom Fit

On opening day at Core Performance Center, a new health club in Santa Monica, Calif., trainer Sarah Cahill apologized for the awkward pace she had asked me to maintain during an eight-minute treadmill test designed to measure cardiovascular fitness. “Tomorrow we’re moving forward with new protocol,” Cahill assured me. “We’ll calculate your exact pace beforehand […]

The Perfect 10: God Speed

What » A pilgrimage by private jet to explore the origins of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism.   Who » TCS Expeditions specializes in themed around-the-world trips by private jet. The Seattle-based company typically charters a Boeing 757 for its approximately 24-day-long journeys, which can accommodate as many as 74 clients at a […]

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