Phantom of Phinda

“Rhinos have really bad eyesight,” Seth Vorster whispers in my ear as a hundred yards away—huddled under a barbed thicket midway across the floor of South Africa’s Bumbeni crater—lie three two-and-a-half-ton white rhinos. “But their sense of smell and their hearing are acute.”  The words of the burly Afrikaans game warden, a lifetime veteran of […]

Boating: Captain America’s Cup

Michael Schumacher probably would not relinquish the keys to his Ferrari to a teenager with a learner’s permit, and it is safe to assume that Chuck Yeager never beckoned a bush pilot into the cockpit of his X-1 sonic boomer. Yet the in-water equivalent of these two ludicrous scenarios is unfolding here in San Francisco […]

Moving Machines: Splashy SL

On the gray water of Venice’s Grand Canal, gondolas bob, speedboats slash, and a lone 1953 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing sputters along the waterway at 7 mph. It should be noted that the Mercedes in question is made almost entirely out of walnut and pine. Livio de Marchi, the creator and driver of the Mercedes, grips […]

Style: Port of Pearls

Parked beside the cream clapboard colonial building that houses Linney’s pearl emporium in Broome, Australia, proprietor Bill Reed’s Mercedes M-Class stands out from the array of dented Land Rovers on Canarvon Street like a tuxedo in a sea of blue jeans. Reed is the godfather of Broome’s modern pearl industry. With hair as white as […]