Karen Cakebread

City Style: Glasgow

This Second City of the U.K. is second to none for inventiveness. Trendy and friendly, Glasgow has a history of embracing the new. Once a burg of tobacco barons, the city exploded in size with the Industrial Revolution, adapting to build a base of smokestack industries on the cutting edge of fields like textiles, shipbuilding, […]

Opening Bids: A Beatle’s Life

When a couple is married for nearly 35 years, they tend to accumulate a little too much stuff, and maybe they decide to hoe out the attic and the basement. But when Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach are the couple doing the housecleaning, their “stuff” is bound to attract more attention than the normal yard-sale […]

Design Seen November/ December 2015: On the Map

Chesney’s Winter is coming, and not only in Game of Thrones. For cozying up, Chesney’s, a London-based purveyor of fireplaces and stoves, offers a new line of mantels from American designer Eric Cohler. Taking cues from the industrial revolution, Cohler placed himself in a 19th-century architectural state of mind to fuse steel and stone for […]

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