An Italian Renaissance

The classic car–collecting universe experienced a jarring paradigm shift in 2010 when, on October 27 in London, two Lamborghini Miuras—a 1971 Miura SVJ and a 1972 Miura SV—each eclipsed the $1 million mark, selling for $1.5 million and $1.1 million, respectively. It was the first time that any classic Italian bull had broken the million-dollar […]

Reinventing the Wheel

Once considered a working-class, quasi-outlaw pastime, hot-rodding has achieved a level of respectability today beyond anything that its dry lakes–racing, drag strip–streaking pioneers likely could have imagined. A few years ago, the coveted Ridler trophy winner for “best in show” at the Detroit Autorama went to a 1936 Ford coupe that reportedly cost more than […]

Wheels: M6 Appeal

Sipping a cocktail while lounging in the Patio de Caballos at the elegant Hacienda La Boticaria Hotel near Seville, Spain, BMW board member Burkhard Goeschel gestures toward a new bronze BMW M6 parked nearby. “You can easily become addicted to this vehicle,” Goeschel says as the car crouches low over its 19-inch spoked alloy wheels, […]

Boss Scag: Five from the First 50

Luigi Chinetti Sr. did not consider his trio of victories at Le Mans his most significant professional achievement. The act earning that distinction occurred in 1954, after he retired from racing, when he opened North America’s first Ferrari showroom in New York City. This year, thanks in large part to Chinetti’s entrepreneurial spirit, Ferrari is […]

Feature: Saleen Dreams

In the courtyard of the elegant Bacara resort 15 miles north of Santa Barbara, three new Saleen S7s sit side by side. Snake-belly low, sleekly styled, with minimalist carbon fiber bodywork stretched tightly over tubular frames, they closely resemble the Le Mans racecars that inspired them. Nearby, a group of Lehman Brothers brokers awaits the […]

Car of the Year 2002: 6th Place BMW 745i

BMW’s 745i sedan has a polarizing effect on people. There are those who love its visual audacity and those who decry its styling, especially the squinty headlamps and oddly defined but roomy and aerodynamic bustle-back trunk. Critics are also split over the iDrive system, with its multiphase single knob that manages 700 functions—from seat temperatures […]