Managing Expectations

A large aircraft-management company with a high demand for its charter service might not be a jet owner’s best option. This story is adapted from a study that Robb Report Private Aviation Advisory Board member Kevin O’Leary conducted as part of his PhD coursework at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. O’Leary is the founder and president of […]

Buy the Numbers

The private aviation industry shows signs of recovery, but conditions remain ideal for buying a pre-owned private jet. Demand for these secondary-market aircraft is still low; inventory is high; and so prices are still far below their usual levels. However, the best buys might be the aircraft with near normal prices. When our clients want […]

Wings & Water: Flier’s Market

Recently, the owner of an older-model Dassault Falcon 900B offered to sell his plane to my company, Jet Advisors, for less than $14 million—an exceptional bargain for an intercontinental, large-cabin business jet. Though his asking price was somewhat surprising, in today’s secondary jet market it is becoming increasingly common to see top-of-the-line aircraft going for […]