One for the Ages

When a 200-acre parcel in North Yorkshire, ­England, came up for sale, a local couple in their early 40s jumped at the chance to own a piece of history. The couple, fashion entrepreneurs with a penchant for minimalism, recognized a unique opportunity to combine their contemporary tastes with structures that included a 400-year-old barn and […]

What’s Hot: Dropping Anchor in the BVI

In 2012, a group of avid sailors (all members of the same extended family) were seeking a tropical retreat in the British Virgin Islands. The seafarers agreed on Oil Nut Bay—a 300-acre residential development on the eastern tip of “the Fat Virgin,” which is accessible only by boat or helicopter—and purchased a 28,000-square-foot beachfront parcel […]

Home Tour: Sailors’ Choice

Seafaring relatives drop anchor in the British Virgin Islands, selecting a secluded development as the site for their stylish retreat. Testing the Waters Several hundred years ago, the sandy coves and deep harbors of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands were rumored to hide a pirate or two. In 2012, these natural treasures, not […]

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