Marco R. Della Cava

Motorcycles: Pedigreed Power

Even if he never builds another of his Concept Ten motorcycles—one-off designs created around engines from classic British bikes with racing pedigrees—Ian Barry still will possess a Hall of Fame batting average with these machines. Thus far, he and his crew at Falcon Motorcycles in Los Angeles have produced three solid hits in the Bullet […]

Remarkable Ragtops

Auto enthusiasts will argue endlessly about whether a car is purer in its hardtop or soft-top iterations. Some say cutting the roof off any Porsche 911 is a scar on the car’s iconic racing roots. Others remain convinced that there’s simply no point cruising in a Rolls-Royce unless you can look up at sunny skies. […]

Leisure: Emotion Pictures

With the sweet scents from the adjacent sake brewery wafting through the air, Elizabeth Norris is busy selling, framing, and restoring intoxicating treats of a different kind. Covering the magnetic walls of her Vintage European Posters shop in Berkeley, Calif., are massive movie posters displaying vivid colors, conveying lots of attitude, and possessing the priceless […]

Auto Exotica

There was a time when just about any vehicle cobbled together in Italy had a reasonable shot at exotic-car status, especially if it hailed from Maranello or Modena. Today, it takes a significantly greater amount of work, engineering prowess, and creative vision to build a four-wheeled machine that truly stands out as a unique example […]

Motorcycles: Great Leap Backward

Quantum Leap is less a motorcycle than a proclamation from its creator, Eddie Meeks. His message is clear: Do not count me out, because I can still blow your mind. “When I decided to reverse everything, that was my moment,” says Meeks. “The point was to step outside the box and outside the rut that […]

The Robb Reader: Rob Myers

Rob Myers’ career had humble beginnings. In 1976, the sheet-metal painter and bodywork specialist from Chatham-Kent, Ontario, opened a car-restoration shop in his Canadian hometown, which is located a short drive from Detroit. Myers planned to help his customers buy and sell a few cars, but things did not work out so modestly: In 1991, […]

Wheels: Stinging Endorsements

Ronn Maxwell grins as he hands over the keys to his new car, the Ronn Motor Company Scorpion. Then Maxwell, a barrel-chested 57-year-old whose ostrich-skin boots and smooth drawl betray his Texas origin, drops into the passenger’s seat.  When I turn the key, the Scorpion releases a vicious wail that, as the drive continues, never […]

Wheels: Wonder Wheels

The city of South San Francisco is an industrial town that lies prostrate between its famous urban neighbor to the north and the tree-studded Santa Cruz Mountains to the south. This mostly unremarkable burg is home to countless strip malls, auto-parts stores, and, refreshingly, a See’s Candies factory. Yet amid all of this mundanity lives […]

Sea Bird

Inventor Graham Hawkes’ lifelong obsession with underwater flight leads him to create a winged two-person submersible. “I don’t think I’ll ever build a better sub,” says Graham Hawkes a few days prior to the official debut of the Super Falcon, a two-person submersible that the 61-year-old British-born inventor has worked tirelessly to build. Sitting in […]

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