Best Of The Best 2006: Adèle

Jan-Eric Österlund is a longtime fan of Britannia, a racing yacht commissioned in 1893 by the Prince of Wales, who stipulated that he wanted a fast vessel with enough accommodation to allow him to enjoy a hot lunch. After 15 years spent cruising in a 78-footer, Österlund found himself able to commission a yacht with […]

Icons & Innovations: Feadship: Big Splash

Big Splash Although the notion of pleasure boating may have originated with the Dutch, who enjoyed cruising in their jachts in the 16th century, the country’s yacht building industry nearly succumbed to the devastation it suffered during World War II, when many of the shipyards were destroyed, and no one was purchasing boats designed for […]

Icons & Innovators: Perini Navi

On A Roll From The Beginning Growing up in the 1960s in Tuscany’s Lucca valley, a center of Italy’s paper industry since the 17th century, Fabio Perini did as previous generations of his family had done and entered the paper-making business. Although demand for the products was skyrocketing at the time, Italy’s paper companies remained […]

21 Ultimate Gifts: A Ticket to Wally World

Luca Bassani antivari may have allowed his then-young son to name his first yacht, and thus his company, after the cartoon character Wally Gator, but there is nothing silly about the way this economist-turned-yachting entrepreneur approaches vessel innovation. Since 1993, Bassani has been collaborating with naval architect Luca Brenta to build fast, light, safe, and […]

2006 Private Preview: Palmer Johnson 150

When it was introduced in the late 1960s, the raised-pilothouse design for semidisplacement yachts was a welcome alternative to flush-deck and bridge-deck family cruisers, and by the end of the 1970s, it dominated the profile of yachts measuring 70 to 130 feet. However, more than a quarter century passed without anyone updating the design, until […]

2006 Private Preview: Christensen 157

Christensen Shipyards has filled a niche in American yacht building since 2000 by launching a series of customized composite yachts that issue forth from a single, expandable mold at its Vancouver, Wash., facility. Christensen begins each of its 150-foot-range yachts on speculation, looks for a buyer, and then finishes the interior to suit the owner’s […]

Boating: Satisfying the Id

The name of the latest launch from Riva, the Ego 68, might reflect the swagger in parent company the Ferretti Group, which, including its purchase five years ago of Riva, now owns nine distinctive brands of quality boats. That acquisition and those that preceded and followed it are part of company president Norberto Ferretti’s benevolent […]

Best of the Best 2005: Sailboats

At 295 feet overall (260 feet on deck), Athena is the largest private sailing yacht of the modern era and the largest all-aluminum yacht, having been constructed entirely of Alustar, a high-tensile aluminum alloy that offers a greater strength-to-weight ratio than standard aluminum. Nevertheless, this giant still displaces a staggering 1,177 tons. Her three masts […]

Best of the Best 2005: Charter Yachts

Feadship yachts are among the most popular with charter clients, regardless of the vessels’ sizes or their details, which are as varied as the tastes of the owners. The new 235-foot Utopia, the largest yacht ever launched from the De Vries yard in the Netherlands, promises only to enhance the Dutch builder’s cachet in the […]

Best of the Best 2005: Megayachts

As rarefied as the world of luxury yachts is, the products often share a similarly conservative design. Granted, the laws of physics apply to all vessels equally, and certification boards and insurance requirements apply their own pressures to conform. But the primary reason for this uniformity is that the vast majority of boaters are content […]