Psycho-Oncology Update: Innovating an Approach to Systematic Distress Screening in Patients with Cancer

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is a significant stressor for even the most resilient individuals. Factors such as disease severity, complex treatment regimens and uncertainty about prognosis can magnify distress for patients and their families. Research has demonstrated that a cancer diagnosis increases the risk for depression, anxiety and reduced quality of life. Not only are […]

Biomechanics of Brain Injury in Boxing

Boxing Biomechanics Study Researchers from the Center for Spine Health’s Spine Research Laboratory are joining with colleagues from Cleveland Clinic’s Concussion Center and Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health on an investigation we call the Boxing Biomechanics Study. We are using all three modalities — imaging, behavioral assessment and evaluation of impact dynamics — to […]

Whole Brain 3-D Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy: Advancing the Exploration of Neuropsychiatric Disorders

Mapping biochemical information in the brain has the potential to unlock the biochemical processes involved in neuropsychiatric disorders, which remain poorly understood. Although techniques such as proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) have yielded insight into the workings of the brain, these techniques are mostly restricted to single voxels (to obtain relatively large signal over a […]

Multiple Shots on Goal Strategy Aims to Empower Patients Against Alzheimer Disease

The challenge posed by Alzheimer disease (AD) is stark: If no means of preventing or delaying AD is identified, the number of Americans suffering from the disease is projected to rise from 5.3 million today to over 13 million by 2050. Current treatments for AD, which include cholinesterase inhibitors and memantine, offer temporary symptomatic benefit. […]

Big Data Is a Big Deal

Big data. You probably have heard this term, but what does it mean, and why should it matter to us in academic medicine? This omnipresent buzz phrase stands not only for the explosion of data generated by today’s computer-driven innovations like electronic health records, but also the potential for using this wealth of information to […]

Top 5 Breakthroughs in Breast Cancer Surgery

If there’s a common theme among the many breakthroughs in breast cancer surgery, it’s less and fewer. Thanks to advances such as the ones below, woman can have surgical treatment with fewer side effects, fewer procedures required, less recovery time and less risk. Best of all, these advances make treatment more effective than ever. 1. […]

Expanding the Spectrum of Gluten-Related Disorders

Editor’s note: Embraced by celebrities, athletes and many health-conscious consumers, the gluten-free diet has become the newest craze among many food and nutrition experts. Sales of gluten-free food and beverages are predicted to reach 6.6 billion by 2017, according to marketing research firm Packaged Facts.(1) With celiac disease and gluten sensitivity on the rise, and […]

Hirschsprung Disease: Exploring Its Causes, Consequences, and Novel Treatments

The enteric nervous system (ENS) is an intricate network of neurons and glial cells present in the wall of the intestine and responsible for regulating critical functions of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, including peristalsis, absorption, and secretion. This intestinal “brain” contains as many neuronal cells and subtypes as the central nervous system (CNS), and is […]

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