Frontier Living

“The avant-garde has established itself,” says Urwerk designerMartin Frei. “We were not the only ones to do it, but we changed watches and we created a market.” Frei’s partnership with watchmaker Felix Baumgartner has earned him one of the most established names in watchmaking’s outer fringes. His is a small brand that has successfully challenged […]

Collectibles: Stone Cold Mastery

The sea-green gemstone sat in Gerd Dreher’s Idar-Oberstein, Germany, workshop for three years while the sculptor, who specializes in creating animal forms from such stones, pondered what to carve from it. The rare specimen of Ukrainian heliodor posed artistic limitations because of its odd size: The top surface of the 5-inch-tall, octagon-shaped stone measured 4 […]

Collectibles: Dialed In

In a sunlit studio in rural Oxfordshire, England, Joanna Migdal, dental drill in hand, kneels beside a large bronze sundial base as she engraves into its surface the words, “The Lord make his face shine upon thee and be gracious unto thee and give thee peace.” Like the mottoes she includes on all of the […]