Best of the Best 2008: Flight Services: Marquis Jet

Kenny Dichter estimates that he and his partner, Jesse Itzler, were kicked out of Richard Santulli’s office five or six times before the NetJets CEO agreed to let them sell hourly access to his fleet. Santulli’s decision, which he reached seven years ago, has proven beneficial for everyone involved, because Dichter and Itzler’s proposal has […]

Best of the Best 2008: Flight Services: CitationShares

Since 1911, when Kansas farmer Clyde Cessna built a wood-and-fabric airplane and flew it from the Mississippi River to the Rockies—an aviation first—the company that he founded has built some of the world’s most popular private planes. The Citations, a series of light and midsize business jets, have become the most favored Cessnas among upscale […]

Best of the Best 2008: Flight Services: NetJets

In the past 24 years, Richard Santulli has built the world’s second-largest airline, after American—and it consists entirely of private jets. Like a traditional airline, Santulli’s NetJets owns its aircraft, can fly anywhere in the world, adheres to rigorous safety and maintenance standards, and uses a high-tech operations center to keep an eye on every […]

Aviation: Material Benefit

A mock-up of the spn, the upcoming light business jet from Grob Aerospace, displays one of the aircraft’s main attractions. The cabin, created by Porsche Design Studio, is unusually roomy for a light jet, especially in this six-seat executive configuration. (The standard configuration seats eight passengers.) Grob currently is taking the mock-up on a tour through […]

Wings & Water: Going Global

The young customs man is at a loss. On this sweltering December afternoon in Grand Bahama Island’s Freeport Harbor, he is the only official on duty; his supervisor is visiting Miami and cannot be reached; and a green-hulled, four-deck superyacht has just docked in the marina. The arrival of this particular yacht could present a […]

Aviation: Sonic Truth

Would anyone pay $80 million for a private jet that can reach 1,220 mph but is prohibited by government regulators from flying even close to that speed while over land? That question has dogged Aerion Corp. of Reno, Nev., since 2002, when, with backing from Texas billionaire Robert Bass, the company began its endeavor to […]

Wings & Water: Smooth Sailing

It is 9:30 am, and Johnny Danger is running out of tobacco—or whatever pungent substance fills his hand-rolled cigarette. But it appears that the substance has achieved its desired effect: The burly fellow grins blearily but beatifically. “Nothing better than to start the day with a smoke,” he says. “Or two.” Johnny Danger—a nickname—splits his […]

Feature: Charter Choice: Lunar Explorer

Chris Dawson is pleased as punch with his latest assignment. As the blond, British captain strolls through Selene, a new, 184-foot semicustom sailing yacht from Perini Navi that has docked in Monaco, Dawson reflects on his good fortune; he says he could not have been given a better boat to pilot. Like other Perini Navi […]

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