Best Of The Best 2006: Mega Phone

At first glance, the LG Electronics VX9800 Verizon cellular phone may appear to be a throwback to the bulkier phones of the 1980s and ’90s, but in fact it provides a huge range of multimedia technology in a compact package. This multifunctional $200 device merges a Verizon Wireless V Cast cell phone, Bluetooth technology for […]

Best Of The Best 2006: Apple iPod With Video

Contrary to popular belief, 1977’s Star Wars did not introduce surround-sound technology to cinemas. That distinction belongs to Barbra Streisand’s 1976 remake of the musical A Star Is Born. The sci-fi epic is perceived as the surround-sound pioneer only because it was a much more popular film. Similarly, neither Apple’s iPod nor the newer iPod […]

Best Of The Best 2006: Twin Peaks

In these days of multichannel home theater, dedication to two-channel stereo seems quaint, but it remains an obsession for audio perfectionist Krell Industries. The Krell Evolution One Monaural Amplifier is virtually devoid of feedback and features a bandwidth much greater than that of any conventional design, and the unit’s 450 watts of power can drive […]

Best Of The Best 2006: Sharper Image

The best high-definition plasma televisions provide extraordinary video while doing a significant favor for your home’s interior design. A standout in this category, the Pioneer Elite Pro-1130HD, combines all the best technologies from this premier manufacturer into one display. Image enhancements can make video look better by punching up colors and sharpness, but this may […]

Best Of The Best 2006: Runco Cinewide With Autoscope

Movies are best viewed large and wide, on a broad canvas that pulls the audience into the middle of the action. But while newer home video technologies have increased the size of the picture, they have struggled to expand the width. Widescreen televisions accommodate high-definition broadcasts and most movie DVDs, but if you really want […]

Home Entertainment: Harmonious Collaboration

Few companies have weathered the changes in the consumer electronics industry as well as British manufacturer Meridian Audio. While a number of other high-end audio brands have drifted into oblivion, Meridian continues to introduce cutting-edge products and, by collaborating recently with high-end video pioneer Faroudja Laboratories, has ventured into complementary categories to become one of […]

FrontRunners: The Big Picture

Plasma approximates the silver screen with LG Electronics’ (www.lgusa.com, 800. 243.0000) new 71-inch MW-71PY10, the largest, and one of the most technologically advanced, plasma HDTVs on the market. Scheduled at press time to be released this spring, the television accommodates all of the most demanding high-definition signals in their pure, digital forms, and displays them […]

Home Entertainment: Larger than Life

Rare is the home theater that can offer a viewing experience with the same impact as watching a great movie on a large, commercial cinema screen. You can re-create the environment of your local movie house and add high-quality, enveloping surround sound, but without an image that fills your entire field of vision, you may […]