Best Of The Best 2006: Apple iPod With Video

Contrary to popular belief, 1977’s Star Wars did not introduce surround-sound technology to cinemas. That distinction belongs to Barbra Streisand’s 1976 remake of the musical A Star Is Born. The sci-fi epic is perceived as the surround-sound pioneer only because it was a much more popular film. Similarly, neither Apple’s iPod nor the newer iPod […]

Home Entertainment: Harmonious Collaboration

Few companies have weathered the changes in the consumer electronics industry as well as British manufacturer Meridian Audio. While a number of other high-end audio brands have drifted into oblivion, Meridian continues to introduce cutting-edge products and, by collaborating recently with high-end video pioneer Faroudja Laboratories, has ventured into complementary categories to become one of […]

Home Entertainment: Larger than Life

Rare is the home theater that can offer a viewing experience with the same impact as watching a great movie on a large, commercial cinema screen. You can re-create the environment of your local movie house and add high-quality, enveloping surround sound, but without an image that fills your entire field of vision, you may […]