Best of the Best 2007: Pens

Some 34,000 years ago, people carved artworks from the ivory tusks of the mammoths that roamed the region now known as Siberia. More recently, the German writing instrument manufacturer Faber-Castell utilized the mammoth ivory, which is found in the Siberian ice as it breaks apart during the summer months, for the Graf von Faber-Castell Pen […]

Best of the Best 2007: Pens: Loiminchay Nine Dragons

Loiminchay Nine Dragons In Chinese art and folklore, dragons often symbolize power and prosperity. Loiminchay’s all-jade Nine Dragons pen conveys a similar message, but not necessarily because it depicts nine of the creatures coiling around its barrel. If you own one of the 10 examples of this $250,000 writing instrument, you have enjoyed some prosperity […]

Best Of The Best 2006: Rose Garden

Like many limited-edition pens, the Dunhill-Namiki Sakura-Rose fountain pen marks a milestone, in this case the 75th anniversary of the first collaboration between luxury goods company Dunhill and pen maker Na­miki. The pen displays the centuries-old Japanese art form of maki-e, which translates to “sprinkled picture.” Gold and silver dust embellishes the barrel’s images of […]

Best Of The Best 2006: Aristocat

Of all the animals represented in Car­tier’s extensive design oeuvre, none has had the staying power of the panther. The Paris jewelry house recently revisited its favorite feline with the Panthère de Cartier collection of jewelry, watches, leather goods, and pens, including the Panthère de Cartier fountain pen. In this limited edition of 500 numbered […]

Best Of The Best 2006: Rising To The Occasion

Ten years after Montegrappa debuted its coveted Dragon pen, the company has introduced its Montegrappa Eternal Bird limited-edition fountain pen, for which it employed the same die-casting technique to create an 18-karat yellow gold overlay depicting a phoenix. The company will craft only 10 pieces of the jeweled variation of the pen, which is set […]

Best Of The Best 2006: Pyramid Scheme

The one-of-a-kind Grayson Tighe Bast fountain pen—named for the Egyptian goddess who protects cats, women, and children—represents a collaboration between Tighe and renowned knife maker Jose de Braga. The pen’s mammoth-ivory overlay is carved to depict scarabs and other Egyptian symbols. Most prominent among these is the goddess Bast, a voluptuous woman wearing a headdress […]

Best Of The Best 2006: Porcelain Doll

Each porcelain Loiminchay FuShou fountain pen is unique because an artisan from the Chinese province of Jingdezhen—known for its superb ceramics—shapes, fires, and finishes it by hand. In addition to its substantial size, the $11,000 pen features strong color contrasts that make it even more dramatic. Golden Chinese symbols signifying long life and good fortune […]

Pens: Portrait in Exclusivity

Customization has long been in Montegrappa’s repertoire, but Italy’s oldest penmaker has redrawn the parameters of personalization with its new Portrait collection. Each $19,500 Portrait pen begins as a blank canvas. The 18-karat pink or white gold barrel is etched with a neutral diamond pattern that frames a prominent oval area left open for an […]

Best of the Best 2005: Pens

Montblanc Bohème Royal The Bohème Royal pen by Montblanc is anything but bohemian. This $150,000 made-to-order writing instrument incorporates a number of modern design elements without overlooking the classic European crafts that long have been associated with the brand. One such discipline is nib grinding, an art that is completed in-house at the German manufacture. […]