Journeys: True Lagoons

The first afternoon aboard the megayacht Ti’a Moana, I hop a tender to one of the deserted islets that ring the volcanic island of Bora-Bora. I snorkel through schools of electric blue parrot fish and silver bream in a turquoise cove, then wade ashore past undulating sea cucumbers and black-spined urchins. Pulling on reef shoes, […]

Dining: Top-Flight Fare

Chef John Besh knows what diners expect from a private meal in the penthouse above Restaurant August in New Orleans: “They want to be wowed,” he says. Since the fourth-floor aerie opened in 2002, it has thrived solely on word-of-mouth references from dazzled patrons. Romantics have staged proposals, intimate weddings, and anniversaries there. VIPs favor […]

Boating: Self-Service Sailors

Bob seiwert makes a living as a banker, not a boatbuilder, but a wooden rowing skiff that the Severna Park, Md., resident helped construct recently sold for $3,500. Although he did not receive a penny for his labor, he is not complaining. “I was intrigued by the chance to learn the dying skills of wooden […]

Exclusive Hideaways: Divine Restoration

The 12th-century hermit St. Gerlach would approve of his namesake hotel’s remove from the bustle of modern life. But the knight-turned-holy-man, who lived his last decade in a hollow tree, would surely be scandalized by its comforts.  Set on 12.4 acres in the Netherlands’ Geul Valley, Hotel Château St. Gerlach is a 97-room rustic retreat […]

Dining: Mad Hatter

Normand Laprise was referring to himself, not the tall chef’s hat, when he named his restaurant Toqué! In Montreal, the word is also used to describe someone who’s a little out of his mind with an obsession. Anyone who has seen Laprise prodding the salmon at Atwater Market, the largest produce market in Montreal, or […]