Icons & Innovations: California Cult Wines: Anatomy of a Cult Wine

The first cult wine, presumably, was poured for the first wine cult—that of Bacchus, in Ancient Rome—and the wine (of unknown cépage, but certainly not a Cabernet) was crafted to inspire lunacy among the nymphs, maenads, and goat-hoofed satyrs in attendance. Wine was the vehicle for countless acts of antediluvian impropriety, sufficient to make the […]

Leisure: A Sommelier of One’s Own

The silver flatware and Meissen china are arrayed on a gleaming dining table festooned with more blossoms than a Brazilian rain forest. The host’s favorite chef has, perhaps with some difficulty, been retained. The menu’s five courses (after negotiations rivaling those at Malta) have been precisely selected not only to complement and contrast each other’s […]

The Beauty Of Growing Old: Fine Wines From Ancient Vines

Like all of us as we mature, old vineyards have acquired a well-weathered depth of character. Driving past acres of trellised, cordoned vines in any wine country on earth, one glimpses occasionally that singular field that breaks the measured monotony of endless, uniform rows. These vines are as individual as aged human faces. Gnarled, twisted, […]