Spin Control

“Out of control at or below 10,000 feet: Eject.” Of all the warnings and cautions contained in the fighter jet training packet, this was the one that alarmed me most; my civilian pilot training did not include any such scenarios. Out of control? What exactly was I in for during my 30 minutes in the […]

First-Class Struggle

You settle into a mini-suite, secluded by privacy barriers and flanked by mahogany-trimmed consoles. After cocktails and a four-course meal—perhaps with a dinner guest sitting on a separate, fold-down seat—you watch one of more than 100 on-demand movies on a widescreen video unit, or take advantage of the high-speed Wi-Fi service. When you become sleepy, […]

Icons & Innovations: Dassault: Wings of Desire

Design trends, we can argue, speak to their time. In particular, the shapes of our flying machines always have reflected the moods and desires of an age. Thus the latest generation of commercial and corporate flying machines serves up a troubling diagnosis. Seen through the aesthetic of our aircraft, we’re definitely a manic lot: either […]