Paul Meyers

Building on Success

McLaren’s 650S retains the best parts of its predecessor, the 12C, and adds elements from the marque’s P1 supercar.  McLaren’s status with car enthusiasts is such that the British brand sold out three years’ worth of production of its MP4-12C sports car shortly after introducing the model in 2011. That was about 3,000 examples of […]

Autos: Topped Off

For the 2014 model year and for the first time ever, Aston Martin is offering its top-of-the-line Vanquish as a ragtop, or, as Aston Martin calls it, a Volante. As with the coupe version of the new-generation Vanquish—a name that returned for the 2013 model year after a six-year hiatus—the Volante shares very little with […]

Good Seats Still Open for Monaco Grand Prix

Thousands of auto races are held all over the world annually, but very few can compare to the prestige and glamour of the Monaco Grand Prix. Run since 1929, the race is held on the Circuit de Monte Carlo, which is a narrow course strategically mapped through the streets of the local township—in a similar […]

Collectible Autos on the Block

As the lure and legend of a true “barn find” grows here in the United States, the opportunity to actually obtain an extremely rare classic car in pristine condition with low mileage is hard to come by in the current auto market. However, every now and again, a private collector proffers a few gems in […]

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