Paul Wasserman

Wine: Through the Grapevine

As we rush to complete our ritual holiday shopping, most 2002 harvests in the Northern Hemisphere have been converted into wine. Naturally, these wines are far from finished, and it would be unfair to judge the results so soon, but whispers and rumors of things to come are already and inevitably shaping the trends for […]

Private Preview 2003: The World of Wine: 2003 Uncorked

After enjoying a wealth of remarkable wines from around the world, the wine trade is about to suffer something of a hangover. This is not to say that the industry lacks exciting wine. France’s highly acclaimed 2000 Bordeaux are here. Italy continues its run of stellar vintages with releases from Piedmont. Australia is about to […]

Best of the Best 2002: Wine: Best International Estates

Teutonic Treasure Langwerth von Simmern (Rheingau, Germany). Once upon a time, the wines of the Rheingau were the most famous in the world, selling for more than Lafite or Montrachet. The vineyard most responsible for this reputation was Erbacher Marcobrunn, whose praises were sung by the likes of Thomas Jefferson and Dwight D. Eisenhower. Since […]

Best of the Best 2002: Wine: Best International New Releases

Austrian Overture Nigl 2000 Riesling Privat (Kremstal, Austria). Few regions have burst on the scene with such a cornucopia of world-class, food-friendly, and refreshingly un-oaked wines as Austria. And Nigl has proven itself one of the country’s best. This wine is truly a monument to the wine maker’s skill. The 2000 Riesling Privat has an […]