Renaissance Stories: Triumph

The Bonneville stands as a symbol of the greatness that would have been lost if Triumph Motorcycles had succumbed forever to the debacle it suffered in the 1970s. A brand-new “Bonnie” is a sleek machine that is modern in every respect except appearance. The bike still bears a resemblance to the original Bonneville of 1959. […]

Icons & Innovations: Ducati: Staying Power

Customers wanted Ducati motorcycles in 1995. The products were modern, attractive, fairly priced, and backed by a race-winning heritage. Company ledgers should have been dripping black ink, yet there was a better-than-even chance that the Bolognese firm would not survive to see 1996. Ducati began, in the mid-1920s, as a parts manufacturer for radios. This […]

An Indelible Marque

No business school professor would tout the Morgan Motor Co. as a model for modern entrepreneurs to follow. The British firm’s story, simply put, is as follows: Morgan released its first product in 1910, manufactured that product for more than 25 years, added one significant component in 1936, and then continued building the updated item […]

Autos: Rocket Sled

It is easy to overlook the subtle design elements that distinguish the Corvette Z06 from other new ’Vettes. But as minor as they may appear to be—functional air inlets, wider fenders, discreetly enlarged rear spoiler, and larger brakes, wheels, and tires—these appurtenances and alterations serve serious purposes for the new Corvette, the first that merits […]

FrontRunners: Extended Legacy

Cadillac (www.cadillac.com) has gained new adherents through its recent forays into the performance-car and SUV arenas, but large, comfortable, and conservative sedans such as the DeVille long have been a mainstay of its product line. For the 2006 model year, Cadillac has modified the DeVille just enough to rename it the DTS. Restrained and formal […]

Driving A Wedge

For a few years in the early and mid-1970s, one Italian coachbuilder abandoned the voluptuous rounded forms for which Italian cars had become famous and enjoyed a brief affair with the wedge. Although this is not the easiest profile to apply to an automobile, Carrozzeria Bertone, before moving on to other design concepts, created four […]

Best of the Best 2005: Touring & Adventure

BMW R 1200 GS Like SUVs on two wheels, BMW’s adventure touring bikes are sturdy, comfortable, and equally at home on any type of road surface—or on no road at all. Numerous manufacturers claim to offer similar versatility with their touring models, but BMW’s go-anywhere machines are in a class of their own, and the top-of-the-line […]

Beautiful Bodies

Exclusivity just isn’t what it used to be. If you own a Ferrari Enzo, for example, you know that 398 other drivers are enjoying the same experience. Stylish and fast your car may be, but unique it is not. Perhaps equally disheartening, the Enzo’s appearance, like that of most exotic cars of the 21st century, […]

Unique Machines: Sky’s the Limit

The Moller M400 Skycar, a personal vertical takeoff and landing vehicle, represents every gridlocked commuter’s dream: Move a lever, and your vehicle rises off the ground and speeds you to your destination through traffic-free skies. Unlike past flying-car concepts, the Skycar will be most at home in the air. In fact, its earthbound abilities are limited […]

Feature: Cobra Reincarnated

Henry Ford was wrong: history is not bunk. Refutations abound, especially in the auto industry, where the Superformance Coupe represents yet another example of the past’s influence on the present. Without its ancestor, the remarkably successful Cobra Daytona, a car that has become firmly embedded in racing history, the Coupe would not exist. And that […]

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