The Best of the Best 2003: Coupes – Mercedes-Benz SL55

While all great cars have at least one party trick, the Mercedes-Benz SL55 has three. Trick number one: the burble. Nothing stirs a car enthusiast’s soul like the barrel-chested burble of a properly sorted V-8. It’s a mechanical rumble that projects the promise of pure power. For more than 40 years, Mercedes has built some […]

Practically Porsche: Muddying the Waters

With the notable exception of Dr. Porsche’s work on Hitler’s Beetle, the Porsche name has always been synonymous with one thing: sports cars. The company nurtured this tightly focused brand identity with 55 years of competition and technological innovation and has clung to it through good times and bad. The 928 grand tourer was the […]

Feature: Auto Bonding

I am en route to dresden on the German autobahn when the rain gradually dissipates in the summer sun, leaving the supersmooth roads bone-dry. The visibility is excellent, the traffic light. With a clear road ahead, I crank up the Beach Boys CD. “If everybody had an ocean.” Sam, my companion, shakes her head, knowing […]

Autos: Ruf Gets Going

The Porsche Boxster is Germany’s gift to sports car lovers, but many enthusiasts believe the car is too slow. Even the 3.2-liter Boxster S, recently retooled with a 258-hp block, is not powerful enough to liberate the mid-engine roadster’s true talents. Understandably, Porsche will not hitch up additional horses because a faster, more powerful Boxster […]

Autos: English Eccentricity

Richard Huke doesn’t seem like the road rage type; by his own admission, the soft-spoken 70-year-old Welshman is a shy person. Still, when he cruises down a local motorway in his Morgan Aero 8, the retired architect sometimes finds his blood boiling. “I simply can’t stand it when some idiot comes up and sits inches […]

Second Effort: On Eagle’s Wings

In 1995, when John McLaren finished writing his first novel, Press Send, the former diplomat celebrated the occasion by placing his manuscript on the passenger seat of his Jaguar E-Type and heading for the south of France. “It was a 350-mile journey through the heart of the Alps,” the author recalls. “There was a diamond […]