Robert Wemischner

Dining: Now You’re Cooking

Jing Tio opened Le Sanctuaire four years ago for a selfish but sensible reason. The 34-year-old Indonesian, an amateur chef who came to America in 1991 to study accounting at UCLA, started his business after discovering that no single shop in the greater Los Angeles area carried the quality and array of kitchen products that […]

Dining: A Handsome Patina

Tempo is a word that comes to mind when savoring a meal in the building where the Los Angeles Philharmonic resides. Timing is as crucial to fine dining as it is to music, and the beige-suited servers at Patina, the city’s new temple of gastronomy, seem to know instinctively when to appear and when to […]

Dining: Tea Time

“Full-bodied,” “fruity,” and “smoky” are descriptions that once belonged solely to the lexicon of wine, but another centuries-old beverage is inspiring converts to praise its pleasures in oenological terms. Tea has captured the interest of Americans like never before, thanks to a number of tea companies, hotels, and restaurants that are showing their patrons the […]

Dining: Green Party

Run your fingers through the chocolate-colored soil of the Jones family’s Huron, Ohio, farm, and you will know you have hit pay dirt, or more accurately, dirt that pays. The soil is the medium in which the Joneses work, and they nurture it with the same care that they lavish on the vegetables and herbs […]