Health & Grooming: On the Waterfront

Anyone who has ever sought out the water jets in a hot tub to relieve back, muscle, or joint pain will immediately appreciate Watsu, a massage treatment that is rooted in Japanese shiatsu and is performed in a pool of body-temperature water. Think of it as a floating massage. The warmth and buoyancy of the […]

Travel: Tough Love

Given the choice, I’ll take a mountain trail over a StairMaster any day, and when it comes to aromatherapy, I much prefer tramping through a lush meadow of wildflowers to a eucalyptus wrap. So I raised a few eyebrows among my friends when I planned to spend four days at, of all places, aspa. “Do […]

Exotic America: Falling For Monterey

No credible evidence suggests that I suffer from suicidal tendencies. Nonetheless, here I am standing in the open doorway of an airplane, two miles above the Monterey Peninsula, preparing to hurl myself earthward. I am wearing a parachute—I’m not crazy—but the plan is to wait to deploy it until I’ve plummeted more than a mile […]