Sayonara, Copenhagen

Chef René Redzepi prepares to raise the curtain on Noma Tokyo.  The question has intrigued the food world since last May, when chef René Redzepi announced that, starting in January, he would relocate Noma—perhaps the most acclaimed restaurant in the world—from its permanent location in Copenhagen to Tokyo for an extended pop-up engagement. What would the […]

FrontRunners: Their Ame is True

Husband-and-wife team Hiro Sone and Lissa Doumani have sizzled for 17 years in the kitchen at Terra, their James Beard award–winning restaurant in California’s Napa Valley. Now the chefs, who met in 1983 while working at Spago Beverly Hills, are increasing their culinary family with a second restaurant, Ame (415.284.4040), which opens in November at […]

FrontRunners: Bouley Rises Again

When David Bouley closed his popular Manhattan bakery four years ago, he did so with the intent of reinventing the establishment as part bakery and part fine dining restaurant. Factors including the September 11 attacks delayed his project’s fruition until this past May, when the chef opened the Bouley Bakery and Market (212.608.5829) across the […]

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