Connoisseur’s Guide to Selecting a Smartphone

If there were any doubts about the IQ of today’s smartphones, they were expunged by a recent experience: Having spent countless hours over two weeks trying to get a new Windows Vista PC and Outlook 2007 to work with our corporate e-mail, we expected similar difficulties repeating the task with a then-new BlackBerry 8830. To […]

Best of the Best 2007: Home Entertainment: Panasonic 103-Inch Plasma TV

Panasonic 103-Inch Plasma TV Panasonic’s 103-inch plasma TV took our breath away the first time we saw it demonstrated, even though the presentation took place in the company’s Secaucus, N.J., warehouse. In addition to not being conducive to optimal television viewing, the cavernous setting threatened to overwhelm the plasma’s most distinctive feature: its size. Indeed, […]