Best of the Best: Spas

Como Shambhala Retreat, Cocoa Island A wholehearted approach to health. Hotelier Christina Ong does not want people to think of her newest venture, Como Shambhala Retreat, Cocoa Island, as a spa—at least not in the traditional fluff-and-buff sense. Modeled after its flagship spa on Parrot Cay in the Turks and Caicos, Como Hotels and Resorts’ […]

Health & Grooming: Native Healers

For centuries, “dreamtime stories,” or fairy tales, offered the only insight into Australia’s Aboriginal culture. “When the white people came, they treated us like children, so we gave them children’s stories—and nothing more,” explains Kakkib lidthia, an Aboriginal elder. Today, Aboriginal figureheads, such as lidthia, are increasingly willing to share pertinent aspects of their ancient […]

Dining: The Recipe of Life

Two hours and 30-some dishes into the lavish meal, the kitchen door opens and the chef emerges. His gauzy white pants and a flowing white shirt, unbuttoned midchest, replace traditional chef whites, and Greek music resounds throughout the dining room. Smiling deviously, the chef smashes a plate on the floor, then another, and with arms […]

Spas: Cold Fusion

Swedish skin-care guru Kerstin Florian grew up in Stockholm, but the summers she spent at her family’s cottage in Värmdö, a Baltic Sea archipelago, proved formative for her latest spa therapy. There she embraced the solitude she found among the towering birch trees, and, just as significant, she first learned of the Samis, the native […]