Timeless Appeal

Their utility has waned, but tall-case clocks have retained their lofty stature.  When grandfather clocks were first produced, they went by a different name, and they were not your grandfather’s clocks. Known then as tall-case clocks (or longcase clocks or floor clocks), they were cutting-edge technological marvels because of their ability to sliver time precisely into […]

Ultimate Gift Guide 2014: Fantasy Island

The Gift A 35-acre private island in the Bahamas’ Exuma chain. A custom-built five-villa resort on the island, developed and managed by Auberge Resorts Collection.  $175 Million When it comes to ultimate vacation retreats, nothing compares with a private island. And in the rarefied realm of private-island escapes, few locations are a match for the […]

Keyed In

Paul Gentile, the Canadian artist who created the one-of-a-kind Steinway White House Piano in Miniature (mini.steinway​.com), intended to make a second, but he was advised not to. That advice came from his neurologist. The doctor told him, “You had better make some decisions before your body does.” The 16 years Gentile spent working full-time on the […]

One and Done

Each of sculptor John Elwell’s classic-car renderings is a singular work.  The British artist John Elwell took up sculpture to entertain himself, and it seems he finds nothing more fun than paying strict attention to detail. The 65-year-old retired aircraft engineer has focused on classic cars for the past decade, rendering them in a combination of […]